Friday, October 28, 2011

2012 Pro Favorite

Making bold predictions and looking to the future is what gave Circle Three its start.  Here we are again, trying to figure out what's going to happen next year. I'm sticking with my original, first blog prediction that 2012 will be the Year of the Spring.  Will the viewing audience take my side?  Unlikely.  But read on to find out for sure.  

This was quite an interesting category to watch as the votes rolled in.  It was a write in category, so the votes were varied and the answers pretty interesting.  First, let me show you the graph explaining the breakdown of votes.  For now I’m going to show it to you without the legend so you can see what a big variance there is.  Ten total players got votes in this category.

Now that you see the spread, I’ll share with you some more details.  Jon Moorer, Dave Frothingham, Jeff Spring, and Chris Young all received multiple votes.  Charles Chamberlin, Ian Thurston, Todd Holmes, Emmett Cosgrove, Jeremy Becker, and Brock Pitzer all received one vote each.  Some of those guys, like Ian Thurston, didn’t even vote for themselves.    

Some of the entries were quite entertaining as well.  One of Frothy’s votes had some explanation with it, “No injuries, no kids.”  One of Spring’s votes was entered as “The Messiah- Jeff Spring.”  A few of Young’s votes were listed as “Young Bucks,” one said, “Young Bucks is the man to beat,” and another was listed as, “Young Bucks if Idol doesn’t join again.” 

You probably want to know who won, though, right?  He did it this year and the Green Mountain community thinks he can do it again next year.  Without further ado, your 2012 Pro Open Favorite is CHRIS YOUNG.

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