Thursday, October 27, 2011

2011 Most Improved Award

There were lots of improved disc golfers this season.  Ira Divoll established himself as a legitimate player in the Green Mountain Disc Golf Club.  Seth McQuade made the scary mid-season jump from AM 2 to AM 1 and would up 4th in the big boy division.  Matty O. bulked up and packed on 30 extra feet to his drives, which earned him a 3rd place finish.  Jon Moorer used a dominating flick to finish in 2nd and made a serious last minute run at 1st place.  

But, there can be only one winner.  This one actually wasn't very close at all when the results came in.  

This year’s Most Improved Golfer Award goes to JON MOORER.

I think Jon sees this award as a backhanded compliment.  Which, I guess, is ironic, because he is a flicker.  But I think the Most Improved Birdie is quite a compliment.  If those folks brave enough to make the move to AM 1 this year all had mediocre seasons, no one would have been surprised.  Moving divisions is tough and sometimes it takes time to get settled in.  But Jon Moorer didn't let that get in the way for a minute.  He won tournaments and flicked that Nuke in ways that either pissed you off or made you jealous.  When it came down to it, he was the only one with a chance to beat James Sweat.  

Being Most Improved is nothing to scoff at.  

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