Monday, November 7, 2011

Chris Young Can't Stop Winning

When I was thinking about this blog post, the hardest thing to come up with was the title. Here are some options that didn't quite make the cut.

*Young and McQuade Come Up Huge
*Andy Powell Has Something to Prove
*Global Warming? Sure Seems Like It
*Andy Powell Thinks My Writing is Shallow and Pedantic
*Its Always Sunny at Trapp Lodge
*42 Holes of Disc Golf Up and Down Hill is A Lot
*Fall Platter Helps Trapp Take the Next Step Towards Disc Golf Greatness
*Discs Lost in Killer Pond!
*Three Pros and a Powell

November seems like a time to prepare for winter. Living in Vermont, there's no question that the long, dark season is around the corner. Usually this time of year we're thinking snow tires, wood chopping, and packing on the winter pounds.  Instead, this past Sunday was 50 degrees, sunny, and amazing. That's my idea of disc golf in Vermont in November and it made for a great, if unseasonable, Fall Platter.

Our usual tournament events are pretty tense, with lots of people vying for a chance to move up in divisions and win big prize money. The Fall Platter brings a welcome change of pace. Without the pressure of the Green Mountain Points Series, disc golfers seemed to be laid back and more able to enjoy a great day. The field was small, but we made up for it with copious amounts of disc golf. And Chris Young can't stop winning. Seriously. He can't. He finished yesterday with a 5 stroke lead over the next closest Red Division finisher. He continues to be lights out.

The Red Division, though, was as hot as the blaring sun in the extreme elevation of Trapp Family Lodge. Lots of AM 1 and AM 2 players stepped up to play in the Big Boy Division. Props to them. But even with a large group, the Pros still managed to separate themselves from the field. The three Pros in the group finished 1-2-3. Mr. Andy Powell had the top AM finish, ending up 4th in Red.

Al Rosa, who's also done his fair share of winning this year, took down the Orange Division. He edged out Justin Foster by just 3 strokes. Matt Zabawa, making a great comeback after recent difficulties, was 3rd.

In the Yellow Division, Andrew Rowan took the win, finishing with a 3 stroke lead over John Sudarsky and a 6 stroke lead over Dave Rooke. The Green Division was won by Jayce Slesar in the day's tighest battle. He beat out Gretchen Kruesi by just one stroke.


Upgrades like this go a long way.
*The Trapp Family Lodge really is doing a great job with their course. Sure Seth and Chris gave them some help this week, but the Lodge is working steadily to improve their course. They have an amazing piece of property and its great to see disc golf being taken seriously by them.

*Yesterday's temporary Hole 3 was amazing. I hope Trapp realizes its greatness and incorporates it into their current layout. It might not be easy to add it in and it would probably mean that temporary Hole 4 gets added in with it, but that hole is pretty spectacular.

*Andy doesn't think my writing is shallow and pedantic. Well, he might, actually, but he hasn't told me so. He does think its a little on the negative side. That's probably hard to argue with. If anyone has suggestions for story ideas or spins on topics that aren't negative, feel free to use the comments section.

*How many discs got lost in the pond hole yesterday? I saw quite a few go in and there were more that I heard about. Maybe we should do a Maple Hill-like dive for discs sometime soon. Any volunteers?

*Ace Pot Throw-off from the deck?  Brilliant.  Hopefully that will become a tradition at Trapp.  

*Seth McQuade and Chris Young get the final word this time. They stepped up and organized the Fall Platter, which included the usual tournament work plus setting up new holes at Trapp. Thanks, guys.


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